Thursday, October 17

1:30-2:00PMWelcome (120 Andersen Library)
Michelle Hamilton, Emily Beck, and Marguerite Ragnow

2:00-2:30PMCheese, Production and Effects (120 Andersen)

  • Thomas Parker (Vassar College) “Pre-Modern Lacto-Realism and Cheese-Driven Lunacy”

2:45-3:15Local Food Highlight: Jodi Ohlsen Read, Shepherd’s Way Farm (Nermstead, MN), goat cheeses

3:15-3:30PMBreak (120 Andersen Library)

3:30-4:15PMLove and Yeast (15 Andersen Library)

  • James Gresock (UMN) “Isolation:The Emergence of Pure Culture Yeast and its Impact on the United Kingdom’s Brewing Industry Around the Turn of the 20th Century”
  • Emily Groepner (UMN) “A Devious Dish: Deception in Konrad von Würzburg’s Herzmære

4:15-5:00PMRapunzel, Peanuts, and Thousand-Year Eggs: Premodern Food Cultures and Their Legacies (15 Andersen Library)

  • A guided tour of the exhibit in the James Ford Bell Library

6:00 pm – 56th James Ford Bell Lecture: Paul Freedman (Chester D. Tripp Professor of History, Yale University)

“Poverty and Prestige: Food and Social Status in Pre-modern Europe”

  • 6:00pm, Reception in Elmer L. Andersen Atrium
  • 7:00pm, Lecture in 120 Andersen Library

Friday, October 18

9:30-11:00AMFood Matters (120 Andersen Library)

  • Matt Desing (University of Texas, El Paso) “‘Blemished Loaves’: Food and Gender in Clerical Romance: The Case of the Libro de Apolonio
  • Michelle Sharp (Independent Scholar) “Vitamin F: First-wave feminist-fuled home economics in the United States and Spain”
  • Sarah Portnoy (University of Southern California) “Cacao of the Gods: A Pre-Conquest Mesoamerican Ceremonial Drink in Contemporary Oaxaca”

11:00-11:30AMLocal Food Highlight: You Betcha Kimchi, a local kimchi producer (120 Andersen Library)

11:30AM-12PMBreak (120 Andersen Library)

12:00-1:00PMCenter for Early Modern History Lecture (120 Andersen): Marcy Norton (University of Pennsylvania)
“Chocolate and the Flowery World: Visual Culture, Sensory Experience, and the Columbian Exchange”

1:00 – 3:30PMLocal Food Highlight: Mademoiselle Miel (chocolatier), making and consuming chocolate (120 Andersen Library)

2:00-3:30PMFood and Drink Policies (Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology & Medicine, 5th Floor, Diehl Hall, East Bank campus)

  • Erin Crowley (UMN) Twin Cities, “Food Production and Community Development in Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Ireland”
  • Bettina Arnold (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) “Archaeology of Ancient Alcohol, Community Partnerships and Public Education”
  • Sultan Toprak Oker (UMN) Twin Cities, Department of History, “Regulating Taverns and Alcohol Consumption in Ottoman Galata”

3:30-3:45PMTracy Deutsch, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology & Medicine)

“Thinking Food: Radically Reimagining Food Studies in the Twin Cities”


4:15-5:15PMTour of Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine
*Note: No food & beverages are allowed in this space*

6:00-9:00PMPremodern Wine Workshop and Tasting (121 Andersen Library)

  • Jill Mott (Henry & Son, Bar Brava, and Jill Mott Selections)

Saturday, October 19

Magic and Beer (9:30-10:30AM, 120 Andersen Library)

  • Ivy Faulkner (UMN) Twin Cities, “Whats on Tap?: Foreign and Native Alcoholic Beverages among the Iron Age Scythians”
  • Veronica Menaldi (University of Mississippi) “Magical Foods in Escorial Ar. 898: A Showcase of Premodern Mediterranean Exchanges

Break (10:30-10:45AM, 120 Andersen Library)

Politics of Bread (10:45-11:45PM, 120 Andersen Library)

  • Benjamin Hansen (UMN) “Bread in the Desert: the Politics and Practicalities of Food in Early Egyptian Monasticism”
  • Danielle Callegari (UC Berkley) “Dante’s Medieval Italian Politics of Bread”

11:45-12:15 pmLocal Food Highlight: Steve Horton, Baker’s Field

1:00-1:30pmLocal Food Highlight: Ahlee Olds, Sweet Science Creamery

1:30-3:00PMAncient Diet, Malt, and Beer (120 Andersen Library)

  • Pam J. Crabtree (New York University) “Diet & Health in Late Roman Egypt”
  • Alice Wolff (Cornell University) “Identifying Malting in the Archaeological Record”
  • Joshua Driscoll (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) “The Value of Beer: Using Experimental Archaeology to Reassess the Shelf-Life and Socio-Political Importance of Beer in Iron Age Europe”

A Deep Dive into the History of Beer (with Samples)!
(3:30PM, Surly Brewing’s Brooklyn Center brewery, off campus)

  • Theresa McCulla, Smithsonian Institution (3:30PM) “Archiving Craft: Collection of American Beer’s Recent Past and Present”
  • Panel Discussion (4:00-4:30PM) with Omar Ansari (Founder and Owner of Surly Brewing), Ben Smith (Head brewer, Surly), Jace Marti (Brewmaster, Schell’s Brewery), and Doug Hoverson (author of Land of Amber Water)
  • 5:15-6:00 pm: Tour of facility and tasting of early American beers
  • More information about this event can be found on the Related Events page.


Saturday, October 19

5:00 – 9:00 pm: Autumn Beer Review

  • Hosted by the MN Craft Brewers Guild.
  • Click here for more information. *Tickets Required*


Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

  • “The Sabbath Now”: Norma Minkowitz
  • Conversation with artists, Rabbi Davis (Beth El Synagogue), Michelle M. Hamilton
  • Includes tasting (charge)
  • $10; $5 My Mia members; free for members of the Decorative Arts, Textiles & Sculpture Affinity Group. Register online or call 612.870.6323.
  • free for College & University Students. Register by email only to with your name and university. Pick up a ticket in the Fountain Court.